Discover Yourself, Discover Quilting…

IMG_1439About me

My adventure with quilting began in 2002, when I saw a quilt in the basement in the meeting room of the Cytogenetics Laboratory in the Salisbury District Hospital in UK. I am a Clinical Cytogeneticist by profession and I was amazed to see chromosomes arranged so artistically using fabric. I was already very fond of painting and sewing and this idea of combining both to produce art quilts was extremely appealing.

That was the beginning of my quilting journey. My first quilt was a DNA quilt and from there on I have experimented with colors and different techniques. All of my quilts have some new technique to them, which I have learnt from attending workshops at various quilt shows or guilds.

Along the way I have met a lot of wonderful people and spent endless hours piecing together bits of cloth!

Happy browsing 🙂

Leena Gole